There will be no Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show this year (though the Crab Feed is still on), so the Coots will be having a relaxing, low-key messabout at Toledo instead. The Port will give us free mooring for our boats Thursday through Sunday nights, and free dry camping near the docks. There will be room in the parking lot by the docks for boats on trailers, if you just want to bring something for show and tell.

There will be no organized activities, but disorganized fun could include coracle racing, exploring the Yaquina River and Depot Slough, and a potluck dinner Friday night. There will be some boatbuilding or something else fun going on at the Toledo Community Boathouse, and the Boathouse's fleet of paddlecraft and rowboats will be available for anyone to use. Pig Feathers BBQ joint is right across the street, so some of us will be eating there over the weekend.

Historian Bob Ward will be visiting us in the Boathouse Saturday at 1:00 PM to give a short, informal presentation on his research about Sir Francis Drake and the possibility that he (Drake) stopped in our own Whale Cove, near Depoe Bay, for repairs, not Drake's Cove, north of San Francisco.

There will be a swap meet to support the Boathouse and the Teak Lady Society:

"Nothing says 'I'm a Boat Man' more than a collection of stuff that is too valuable to throw away, yet has no immediate use. Somewhere in your home, in your garage, or on your property, is a pile of geegaws, fiddly bits, and trinkets you have collected over the decades, waiting for the time they will be useful.

"Here's your chance.

"Bring your stuff to the Boathouse and put a price on it, along with how much of that price you want to go to the Boathouse (100%, half, $5, whatever.)

"If the item sells, you get your cut, the Boathouse gets it's cut, the buyer gets a new shiny. Everyone's happy.

"If the item doesn't sell, you take it back.

"If it doesn't sell and you don't take it back, it will most likely be thrown away.

"NAUTICAL ITEMS ONLY. No toasters, no bicycles, no wall paper, etc. If it doesn't have something to do with boats, please don't bring it."

Check back later for more details...

Tide predictions at Toledo from WXTide32:

Topo maps of Yaquina Bay and River in KAP format for import into most nav programs.

Topo map images (PNG) and indexing info (XLS) to import them into nav programs.

A NOAA weather forecast for the area.