Paulina Lake is one of two small lakes located in the caldera of the Newberry volcano, at an elevation of over 6,300 feet. Paulina and East Lakes are Oregon's OTHER "crater lakes." It's an interesting area, with lots of fun geology and hot springs all over the place (the volcano is only napping). One hot spring is right on one of Paulina Lake's beaches. There are hiking as well as boating opportunities, and you can drive up to the top of Paulina Peak, elevation just shy of 8,000 feet, if you've got a vehicle that can handle steep grades and primitive roads.

The messabout is held at the Little Crater Campground on the southeast shore of Paulina Lake. There's a launch ramp there, and a beach in front of the campsites where boats may pull up. We usually have a group potluck dinner on Saturday night. If you don't care for camping without electricity you can stay at Paulina Lake Lodge on the west side of the lake. There is a launch ramp at the lodge, and docks.

A topo map image (PNG) and indexing info (XLS) to import it into nav programs.

A NOAA weather forecast for the area.