"Launching at the Lake Ozette Ranger Station ramp in Olympic National Park. The event has been conceived as a two-parter, with retired members (or anyone else who wants to spend more time on the water) launching on the 9th or 10th, with all of the early-phase boats gathering on the beach at Ericsson Bay Friday evening. Others who only have the weekend off can join in the fun Saturday and Sunday, August 11-12, with all boats at Ericsson Bay for a gathering Saturday evening. Monday the 13th is the day to head home or watch others head home. There is a pit toilet at Ericsson Bay; a Wilderness Permit is required ($5/day) and parking at the Ranger Station lot costs $20 for seven consecutive days unless you have a National/Federal parks senior card."

For more information on this messabout contact Doug Korlann, (206) 963-0052.

A NOAA weather forecast for the area.