The Coots' Coast Messabout will be held at the Port of Siuslaw Campground and Marina in Florence. Overnight moorage is available for a reasonable rate and campsites are available for a not so reasonable rate, but the docks and campground are a short walk from the fleshpots of downtown Florence, and have good restrooms and showers.

Midday tides won't be running real hard, so sailors and oarsmen can have fun near Florence (but head uptide so you don't have to work so hard to get back). Sailboats can't get up past the railroad bridge at Cushman without lowering their masts. The tides will be favorable for motorboaters to go upriver farther, perhaps all the way to Mapleton, or maybe a circumnavigation of Duncan Island. Maybe up the North Fork? The Siuslaw is a really nice river.

Tide predictions at Florence from WXTide32:

An image (PNG) of NOAA chart 18583_1 of the lower Siuslaw River.

Topo maps of the Siuslaw River in KAP format for import into most nav programs.

Topo map images (PNG) and indexing info (XLS) to import them into nav programs.

A NOAA weather forecast for the area.